‘St.Joe’s Learning CCL @ DMC’

On June 21st, Dialysis Management Clinics held a user group session for clinicians and technicians from St. Joesph’s Healthcare Hamilton. We spent a number of hours discussing the use of our electronic medical record (EMR) Clinical Vision.  Implemented in 2010, DMC was the first facility in the country to embrace a renal specific web based EMR. Since going live with the EMR, we have seen a vast improvement in the accessibility of clinical data, have significantly reduced our paper waste and are excited with the vast potential this electronic medical record system has for improving patient care and the way we approach decision making, as the data we collect today will no doubt help inform decision making tomorrow and into the near future. 

We are grateful to have hosted such a keen and enthusiastic group of clinicians and technicians from St. Joseph’s Healthcare and wish to congratulate their team on going live with the product. With strong customer support, an ongoing commitment to product innovation and client participation, we can not speak more highly of our experience with Clinical Vision and their eclectic team. 

St.Joe's HealthCare Hamilton

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