Patient Centered Care



Patients on dialysis remind us daily that given the tools and support, chronic kidney disease is a manageable illness. At DMC, staff familiarizes themselves with each patients individual goals and together develop care plans to achieve desired outcomes. Listening to our patients over the years has helped us to enhance the environment and care we deliver, such as:

  • Free parking and drop off zone near entrance
  • Free wireless internet service
  • Portable patient telephone lines
  • Flat screen LCD TVs with DVD access
  • Personal fistula clamps, pillow cases and blood pressure cuffs
  • Fresh coffee, tea, water and ice
  • One way glass window film for privacy and security 
  • Restricted access to treatment area and security monitoring in waiting areas
  • Promotion of family visits and participation
  • Patient transportation coordination
  • Communication with other health care professionals and providers
  • Coordination and documentation for clinic and transplant appointments
  • Monthly progress reports and consultation with primary nurse
  • Encourage travel and facilitate transfer of medical information
  • Accommodation for scheduling requests
  • Support and encourage healthy lifestyles which may include travel, kidney transplant, job opportunities or personal interests
  • Honoring each patients rights as written by law for decision making, referral of care, privacy and confidentiality
  • Information regarding kidney related events and activities
  • Recycling and environmentally friendly projects
  • Education for patients and family focusing on prevention of complications and healthy living strategies
  • Consideration and accommodation for disabilities and cultural and language differences

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