“For the four months of dialysis before my kidney transplant I was fortunate to spend half of the time at DMC. The atmosphere and environment of the clinic was so positive and I always received the best of care and attention.  Though I don’t miss having dialysis now, I do miss the great staff and patients who become such good friends.
W. Donald Cousens: Mayor of Markham1996-2004

dialysis robert peterboroughdialysis ken sharp

 “The nurses know me and know what I can tolerate and I can leave here feeling good. They look at your individual case and personal preferences. They’re little things but they mean a lot. I can’t say enough about the concern they have for your well-being. I wish there was one of these in every city across the province.
Valerie Brettell

“Thank you all for all the care and attention you have given me while I have been dialyzed.  Thank you for choosing the job or the career that allows people like me to be taken care of with your dedication, patience and humanity.  God bless you all, and thanks again to all of you.”
Past Patient in Markham Facility July 8th, 2000


 The family is grateful for the incredible support from the Peterborough medical community, including the dialysis team at Dialysis Management Clinics on High St. that supported her father not only medically, but with great affection.”
Peterborough Examiner obituary for the late Finn Gallagher


 “I think of DMC often and what a great organization it is.  I still refer to it as the best job I ever had in my career”
Marg Carr-Braint

dialysis management clinics staff


“When considering patient inconveniences like travel and parking, when you think about someone being in a hospital as a constant reminder of their chronic illness, its easy to see why community-based and/or home dialysis are therapies that could contribute to a higher quality of life. I believe Ken Sharp having done both home and community-based dialysis is a great living example of the benefits of this form of therapy.”
Dr. Ted Toffelmire celebrating DMC patient Ken Sharp’s longevity on dialysis 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons

“The charting is outstanding; it is easy to follow any given problem from nurses notes to clinic notes to orders.”

“The tracking of outcome data is excellent.
Dec 18 2001

“DMC is commended in their continued success in operating a site that is closer to patients home. It is a very comfortable environment.”

“The age range of 20-94 in this unit which is unusual in the dialysis population”
Nov 24 2006

“DMC continues to demonstrate that they are able to provide a high level of care in a safe and pleasant environment”

“The patients appear very pleased with their treatments at this facility”

“All dialysis equipment, water treatment equipment and dialysis concentrates meet CSA standards and the quality control appears excellent”
April 13 2011

Ministry of Health

 “The ministry wishes to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Dialysis Management Clinics Inc for your continued commitment and dedication to enhancing the quality of dialysis care provided to the residents of Ontario.”
Deb Matthews Minister Of Health March 31st 2011

Deb Matthews Minister Of Health